info about the process

no. 1

If you see a brand in the Brand Stand you love and would love for it to be your brand, click the inquire button and fill out the contact form completely. 

no. 2

I will review your inquiry and if I believe your name etc. will work well with the brand, I will send you an invoice for the purchase. I will be in contact with you if I feel like it won't work well as well. We will then discuss options from there. Once payment is obtained, the brand will officially be yours and will be taken off the shop. 

no. 4

Once I have final approval of the designs,  I will save all of the files for print and web, prepare your Brand Style Guide, and download everything to a shared Dropbox folder for you to have access to. You will be able to download everything and start using your stunning new brand right away!

no. 3

I will be in contact with you regarding the customization of the brand. Items that can be customized are colors, fonts, (only if you have a specific font in mind) icon/illustration (if applicable,) wording, and light layout editing.  Once I have gathered this information, I will get to work on custom tailoring the brand to fit your needs exactly. Expect a proof within 2-3 business days. You will get one round of revisions. But have no fear, because I am good at what I do!


Do you sell your premade brands more than once?

Absolutely not. Once you pay for your brand, I will remove it from the Brand Stand and never sell it again. It is yours, and yours only. 

Can i change the fonts?

It depends. If you have one in mind and you know 100% that it is the one you want to use, then yes. If I don't have access to the font however, I will have to invoice you for that purchase. I can also change smaller text (say from a sans serif to a serif etc). 

can i see the design with my name before purchasing the brand?

Due to the high demand of interest in each of the brands when I release them, I will not be doing name fittings as it takes up too much time for other interested buyers. I will be happy to tell you if your name will work or not though before purchase. 

what if i need it in one day?

If you need your brand ready in 24 hours, an additional fee of $350 is required along with expedited communication on your part. Please let me know if this is the case for you when you fill out the contact form. 

inquire about a brand

i love one of the brands, but would like some major changes.

If you love one of the brands but would like some major font/layout changes, an extra fee of $150 will be included in the total cost. This will include a proof with said changes and one round of revisions. Extra round of revisions will be billed at $50/revision. 

can I add on items to a premade brand?

Absolutely! You may add on any collateral marketing pieces, the social media suite, extra patters, etc. Just please let me know and I will provide a custom quote for you.