the branding process

no. 1 / onboarding

When you decide you are ready to pull the trigger on new branding (great decision btw)  you've already begun the onboarding process! This process begins with a meet and greet (email, over the phone, or video chat) to say hello, see if we are the right fit, and to get down to the nitty gritty on your hopes and dreams!  Then we move on to the boring but necessary items like Service Agreement and deposit. Here I also set up our shared dropbox folder that we will use throughout the branding process to send and receive files. I will also send you a Welcome Packet with all the info under the sun about your specific branding process (timeline, payment schedule, what's involved etc.) 

+ Meet and Greet
+ Service Agreement
+ Deposit
+ Dropbox folder
+ Welcome Packet

The abbreviated version:

no. 2 / creative directive + brand strategy

In this stage, I will email you the Brand Foundations Questionnaire. This is a little homework for you to complete. The answers from this will provide the direction and clarity I need to move forward with the design stage. Also, you will create your Pinterest Board and pin all that inspires you for the design of your brand. Photography, branding, fonts, color palettes, etc. Nothing is off limits here! Next up, I take all of my notes and information and create a Creative Direction guide complete with mood board and color palette for you to approve. This guide will visually tell the story about the tones, feelings, and vibes the brand will rely on.

+ Brand Strategy Questionnaire
+ Pinterest board
+ creative direction 
+ client feedback

The abbreviated version:

no. 3 / design / revisions

This is where things get really exciting! I will put pen to paper and mouse to pad to design your beautiful batch of logo concepts. Each primary logo will be presented with it's complementary logo variations in practical applications (mockups.) We will then tweak and revise (up to 2 revisions) until the final design is narrowed down to perfection. I listen carefully to all feedback to make the revision process go as smooth as possible. This concept and revision process will be repeated for each additional item if you chose the Deluxe Suite.  

+ carefully review all info given
+ sketch concepts on paper first (always the way to go!)
+ design logo concepts on computer
+ prepare and send brand concept presentation
+ feedback
+ revisions
+ Repeat process for additional items in deluxe suite

The abbreviated version:


yup, i'm ready



no. 4 / final production

I will now save your logo, its variations, and other designed pieces in all file types for web and print. Final payment will be due now. After final payment, all files will be uploaded along with your Brand Style Guide to a Dropbox folder for you to download. Your Brand Style Guide outlines what your brand is all about, how to use the elements and visuals, and keep everything consistent. I will also email over a client feedback questionnaire. This helps me make sure you are satisfied, and also helps in improving the process with future projects! 

+ final payment
+ Save all files for web and print
+ Upload files and brand style guide to Dropbox folder
+ Client feedback
+ answer any additional questions
+ you're ready to use your gorgeous new brand! 

The abbreviated version: